Your Construction Company Needs Social Media

Does your company need social media? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes for many reasons. We’re not going to be able to cover all of the reasons your company needs social media in this post. However, we can and will go over four of the most important reasons your company needs social media. While this article focuses on construction marketing, the tips will be useful for any industry.

Before jumping into the exact reasons, let’s talk about digital marketing and brand building in general. Fact is, markets are crowded more now than ever before. This means it’s increasingly difficult for companies to stand out. Now, many companies are turning to social media to connect with their audiences.
Yes, companies use social media to run ads that generate clicks and sales. However, social media is being used for something arguably more important as well: building relationships with consumers and customers. In a crowded market, relationships are vital.
While considering social media, you can’t focus on just the immediate likes, shares, clicks, and purchases. You have to also consider the relationship you’re building with your audience.
Here are the 4 reasons your construction company needs social media marketing ASAP:
Building Your Brand and Trust at the Same Time
In the modern knowledge economy, a brand can be a company’s most valuable single asset. There are so many choices, that consumers are often overwhelmed. However, when a customer finds a brand that they know they can trust, it can be a huge benefit. They know that they do not have to shop around, trying countless different products, crossing their fingers and hoping that their purchase will turn out well.
Social media can help you grow and expand your brand, but there is a caveat; your social media efforts can only be as good as your brand and products. If you do shoddy work and have a poor brand, you’re going to struggle. However, companies with good brands and a great reputation can leverage social media to engage with their audience and build trust.
Building a Community
Social media allows you to establish a community, which in turn can be built around your brand, products, services, and other offerings. With social media, you can gather your followers in one place and then interact with them.
Any good business coach will tell you that interaction is a two-way street and communities are organic. When you build a robust social media platform, you will not only be able to pitch your customers, but they’ll also be able to provide feedback and interact with your brand.
Once a community grows large enough, it will start to become self-growing. In other words, the community will begin to build on its own accord with fans and customers interacting with your brand, and spreading it among their friends and followers. In a crowded market, like construction marketing, this self-driven social media growth can be very valuable.
Allowing Customers to Interact With You
Social media not only enables you to reach out to your audience but empowers your audience to reach out to you. This means that customers & clients can comment on your posts, leave reviews, and otherwise interact with your company and brand.
Such instant feedback will allow a company to quickly see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Is there a common complaint among unhappy customers? Are a lot of customers raving about a certain product, or better yet, specific features of a product? Feedback helps you know where you stand.
When customers provide feedback, it’s essential for you to also provide feedback. For example, for construction marketing, you might congratulate people who have just built new homes. With your customers’ permission, you might even show off some pictures of their new home as well.
However, you have to remember that good reviews, as well as bad, will come in. If a customer leaves a bad review, reach out to them and try to discover what you can do better. If you struggle to deal with difficult customers, you might want to talk with a small business coach to learn more about handling them.
Drive Traffic To Your Website and Generate Leads
Social media can be an invaluable part of any marketing plan, driving traffic to your website and other assets. A strong, consistent social media presence can drum up a lot of traffic. Social media can also help with search engine rankings and other factors, which will further bolster your digital marketing results.
Once the traffic is flowing in, you can qualify your customers. As far as leads go, here’s some good news. Social media leads are often already qualified to some extent or other. Most social media traffic won’t be random, but will instead consist mostly of past or current clients who are likely interested in your brand and products.
Conclusion: Social Media is an Immensely Valuable Asset
Building up a strong social media platform takes effort and consistency, but rest assured, building social media efforts into your advertising budget will pay off. However, it will take some time. Regardless, social media is a very powerful tool for businesses, especially given how crowded markets are. Whether you’re engaged in construction marketing, running a landscaping company, or anything else, a powerful social media presence can be a valuable asset.
Reach out to the professionals at Small Business Growth Partners to find out what areas of marketing, including social media, can benefit your construction company.