Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) is a private business Coaching & Consulting firm started by Chris Penasa & Terry Elton. After deciding a better, more effective growth model was needed specifically for builders, remodelers and trade association members, they came up with their unique model to cater to their specific needs. Specifically to help them get their lives back. With a specialized team of full-time (non-1099) coaches that focus 100% of their time and efforts on coaching, the team at SBGP was able to create the impact that was envisioned. Also, the team created a video conference model to broaden the geographic reach needed to employ an expert team, all under one “virtual” roof.

From the economies of scale they planned on achieving, Chris & Terry wanted a way to create a robust, highly researched, impactful, and private plan of actions customized for each of their coaching candidates and clients alike. This one-on-one type plan became their industry-renowned BPA, or Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions.

Finally, to offset the cost of creating our BPAs, SBGP has aligned with U.S. Home Builder Associations to offer access to our BPA as a member benefit for no additional cost. The only other way to gain access to SBGP’s services are though a direct client referral.

SBGP’s impact and reach is expanding state by state and if our services are not yet available in your state, request your local builder association to reach out to us and reserve a place on our expansion schedule.