We help you design the blueprint to success

in your business and life.

We help you design the blueprint to success in your business and life.

Small Business Growth Partners (SBGP) is a private-business Coaching & Consulting firm started by Chris Penasa and Terry Elton. The SBGP model began after identifying a need for builders, remodelers, and trade association members to scale more effectively, without sacrificing their personal lives. Chris and Terry’s one-on-one plans became their industry-renowned Business Diagnostic & Plan of Action, or BPA. Today, with a specialized team of full-time coaches that focus 100% of their time and efforts on coaching, the team at SBGP has been able to create the impact they desire. SBGP’s reach is expanding state by state. If our services are not yet available in your area, request your local builder association to reach out to us and reserve a place on our expansion schedule.

Chris Penasa

A day after graduating from Marquette University (and just weeks before his twenty-first birthday), Chris began his professional career by buying the family business from his father. After eight years, Chris sold that business and then spent seven years in Bermuda with a large retail-based investment firm. In 2016, Chris founded Small Business Growth Partners with Terry Elton, and together they’ve built a private business coaching firm that focuses on builders, remodelers, and HBA Associate Members.

Terry Elton

Terry grew up in the building industry, working at his father’s excavating company from the time he was a child through college. Terry watched as his dad worked long, hard hours his whole life only to sell the business with only little in savings and no retirement fund. It was then that Terry became passionate about helping construction and trade companies shape their work so it doesn’t consume every waking hour of their lives while, at the same time, making enough to secure their future.

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