What Is A BPA?

Business Coaching

Our Business Diagnostic & Plan of Action, or BPA, is Small Business Growth Partners’ exclusive business planning tool. SBGP has aligned with the Home Builder Association to offer our BPAs as a member benefit—for no additional cost. The only other way to gain access to SBGP’s services is through a direct client referral. Developed through focusing on the issues of small business builders, remodelers, and trade companies, your BPA will include a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your business, including:

Internal Website and Online Review of Your Company

Analysis of Marketing, Sales, and Sales Process

Team Communication Structure

Hiring Process and Talent Acquisition Strategies

Financials, Financial Tracking Processes, and Strategic Planning

Our 5 Step BPA Process

We look at the “big picture” of your business. We identify what is working, note what is not, and document everything we uncover, in an unbiased fashion

We conduct an analysis of your team and team acquisition system, including full DISC/Motivator assessments for key team members. The results of the assessments, including a team personality mapping grid, will also be included in your final plan.

We ask business-related questions from professionals that know your industry.

We create a time-based and action-driven plan, broken down from present day to three years out.

We provide unique ideas and strategies for your sales process and system, marketing, internal processes, cash flow tracking, and more. At the end of our process, you can expect an accurate, personalized, step-by-step plan that’s tailored to your needs.

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Drilling Down & Leveling Up

“Building a business is just like building a house: You need a blueprint. Without this kind of tactical plan, it’s hard to pinpoint where things go wrong—or visualize how much better they could be.”

In our newest book, we show you how to attain consistency, profitability, and scalability in your construction or trade business. It’s time to work on your business instead of in your business, and take your life back.