Increase Prospect Engagement

Prospect engagement is fast becoming a buzzword among the builder world – and for a good reason! We live in the most socially connected time our world has ever seen. When it comes to the growth of businesses, social connection results in prospect engagement and satisfaction being vitally important. When prospects can easily rat out terrible service on Yelp, share how amazing your work is on Facebook, or shout out your business hashtag on twitter, prospects become the driving force for your business. Here are our top four reasons why you should be focused on prospect engagement in 2021.

Prospects Drive Growth

Gone are the days of yellow pages and door-to-door sales as the sole methods for gaining business. Your prospects aren’t limited to using your company because you are based in their town. The fact is your prospects never have to hire you again. Why? Because they can find someone online who will do the job that might boast better prospect satisfaction, quality, or features you don’t. Unless they are engaged with your company.
Prospects drive growth, and their engagement with your company is one of the most significant factors for that growth. If you’re able to connect with prospects emotionally and gain loyal followers who not only use your products or service, but share them as well, you’ll have repeat business and fans who share what you have to offer. Studies have shown that engagement increases revenue across all platforms. Increased engagement can also improve the size of a prospect’s order by 5% to a whopping 85%!

You’ll Meet Needs

Prospects who feel that a business understands their needs and adds value to their lives are more likely to be repeat purchasers. When you engage with prospects, you’re doing more than hitting the like button on their comment. You’re interacting with their thoughts, the ways they use your products/service, complaints about your prospect service, and compliments for a job well done. You get an up-close and personal look at what your prospect needs and you’ll be better prepared to meet that need.
One of the best things you can do is install a live chatbox on your website. Enabling your prospects to connect with you instantly is not just helpful, but lets them feel valued, supported, and appreciated. Be sure your chat box isn’t a bot and isn’t outsourced overseas. Bots and outsourcing do nothing to increase engagement and usually work in the opposite direction.

You’ll Keep Prospects

It’s important to be liked by your prospect base. Yes, this means in the emotional sense and by getting thumbed up on social media. The more you can get your prospects to engage with your websites, like your posts on Facebook, retweet your announcements, and tell their friends how fantastic your company is, the more likely you are to keep them. Prospect loyalty doesn’t happen automatically, and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.
Increasing prospect loyalty takes a well-crafted plan for engaging with your prospects, creating an emotional connection, and enrolling them in a rewards system that adds value for staying loyal to your brand over time.

You’ll Promote Your Brand

When prospects engage with your product/service, your pages, and your company, they become unofficial company brand ambassadors. Your prospects can do for you, organically, what you cannot pay to have done – namely, spread your brand and create an organic buzz about you.
The more prospects engage, the more they spread awareness through their own social media pages, blogs, YouTube channels, and networks. When you get prospects to do this naturally, you are creating an opportunity for organic and crowdsourced brand awareness.