Retooling vs. Replacing Your Inventory

The market is changing, and you need to adjust your inventory. But how exactly? Where do you begin? Should you retool or replace some of your existing plans?
Retooling is defined as remaining within the existing building footprint. The replacement may be the same width as the original but has additional structural alterations.
If your homes aren’t selling, it could be because they’re too pricey. It’s also possible that the design is outdated and no longer meets the requirements and needs of purchasers. Therefore, existing plan evaluation entails looking at your plans analytically and emotionally.

A Jobsite Safety Checklist For 2022

Jobsite safety is critical for both workers and your Construction or Trade Company. Consider the following components of a training and awareness program to save lives, reduce injuries, and lower liability and costs. Construction sites accounted for more than one-fifth of the 4,764 workplace fatalities in the United States in 2020. Home construction activities accounted for 25% to 30% of those fatalities.

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Hack the Supply Chain with Alternate Materials

Over the last few years, supply chain disruptions and a widespread labor shortage have resulted in lengthier construction cycle times and increased construction costs for builders across the United States. In this SBGP Infographic we will explore how builders have been bypassing the supply chain to maintain production levels in the face of unprecedented obstacles. 

Manage Building Challenges with Timely Solutions

Due to shipment delays and labor shortages, home builders struggled to execute projects on schedule and budget during COVID (especially in an inflated economy). Continued product shortages, price increases, and a continually changing consumer base haven’t helped either. To keep ahead of new challenges, home builders must develop ways to be agile to build their teams, businesses, and, of course, a backlog of new home contracts.

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Every Homebuilder Needs A Plan B

With unmet demand driving home prices higher and median sales prices continuing to rise, leads are getting harder to find. By focusing on documentation and attention to detail, homebuilders can construct a plan b that actually works. In this infographic we will explore the three most important areas homebuilders can focus on to adapt to any housing market.

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