Integrated Management Checklist for Builders [Part 1]

When a construction or trade Company operates as a small, volume over profit firm, its basic management systems, processes, procedures, and controls are costing the company money. Lack of adequate staff, trades, and suppliers puts you on a treadmill fighting fires due to mistakes and miscommunication with everyone involved, including your prospects.

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Properly Leverage Mechanical Contractor Software

The construction industry has undergone significant change, and technology has radically altered the notion of how to increase project quality, productivity, and profit. Construction software technology has aided general contractors and trade contractors in providing essential services and completing projects. Mechanical contractors are no exception.
Mechanical contractor software has assisted in completing tasks more quickly and effectively in areas like estimates, time tracking, project management, change order management, accounting, and other essential operations.
Here are five reasons why you need to consider mechanical contractor software for your Construction or Trade Company:

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Prevent Job Site Theft Before It Happens

Building materials and equipment, ranging from lumber to heavy machinery, frequently vanish from construction sites. The loss adds up quickly for builders and developers, whether from a tradesman who thought a tool was theirs or thieves loading trucks with materials. Unfortunately, that loss gets compounded as new materials are required, and tradespeople get rescheduled.

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Optimizing Your Contractors For Success

The successful completion of a build is achieved through effective construction project management and documentation. Every contractor must deliver a quality project within budget and on time while keeping your subcontractors happy.
To optimize project management practices for your construction or trade company, here’s what you need to do:

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Beating a Growing Labor Shortage

Are you planning to grow your construction company’s headcount in 2022? This could be a challenging task if not tackled in a consistent way and built around your hiring and retention plan.  A survey by Associated General Contractors of America found that 88% of construction companies are experiencing project delays and 61% of respondents said they have experienced worker shortages.

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