3 Essential Factors to Finding the Right Employees

Employee selection, recruitment, and retention are essential aspects of running a business that the owner and managers are responsible for. Maintaining a quality staff is one of the vital parts of running a successful business, and there are some critical and proven ideas to keep in mind when it comes to this.

What to Look For

Quality employees who are loyal, committed, and long-term share complementary attributes of makeup and character. Identifying these traits in potential employees is the key to managing (and recruiting) the best possible staff.
Look for an employee who considers this a career, not just a job. Individuals with this mindset have their focus on the future and the company’s success. They want to be part of an organization for the long haul.
Different people have different skills that they bring to the table, and the best staff will consist of a variety of talents and contributions. Use different methodologies to test the learning and analytical skills of possible hires. Check for both knowledge and personality and try to put together a well-balanced team that covers the entire spectrum.
Compatibility is crucial to your employees’ efficiency and quality of performance. They should display a willingness and eagerness to follow company protocol, creativity to suggest new ideas, and social skills to engage and interact with colleagues, management, and customers.

Where to Find Them

One of the biggest challenges to building a successful business is finding and creating a successful team. Whether it’s a small building company or an international conglomerate, you must have great employees to have a great business. If you successfully master the technique of finding and attracting quality employees, you can ensure long-term success and room for growth and productivity.
To find employees, start at the base level and network through your current staff. They often have connections to people they know and trust. Since these new, potential employees will represent the current ones introducing them, it’s in the current employee’s best interest to recommend quality candidates they trust.  Also, make sure to include a team compensation program for your current team to refer these great people.  I’d also recommend the referral bonuses be broken up in stages, to incentive your team to refer those who will be around for the long haul.  Don’t be stingy with your bonuses either, and make it a number where your current team will beat the bushes for you. Think about and quantify this number.  How much would you pay to attract and keep a rock star team member?
Social media is also a valuable source for potential employees. Nowadays, nearly everyone uses them, and it represents a reliable platform for information on both hiring companies and prospective employees. There is usually a reasonably accurate profile of both, so expectations are secure, and communication is quick and easy.
Job fairs are a traditional and proven method to find great people. While less technologically advanced, the advantage of job fairs is that they offer real-time introductions to people who are specifically there to find work. Face-to-face interaction, even virtually, can be preferable since it may be easier to gauge someone’s personality this way.

How to Keep Them

When quality employees are proud of the company they work for, they try harder, produce superior results in all areas, and feel a sense of loyalty to their employer resulting in longevity and deep dedication. The best way to build a good business and keep great workers is to manage a company that everyone can be proud to call home.
Build a reputable company brand; this is the personality that represents the company and the people who work there. Strive to be known for producing a quality product and make sure you treat both employees and customers with honesty, integrity, and respect. Host community events that everyone can participate in, and always be sure to identify high-achievers and personal accomplishments among your staff. Your company’s reputation is everything, so make sure you always strive to be the best in the business, both in public and behind the scenes. The results will be evident, and your staff and customers will thank you for it.

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