5 Signs You May Need a Trade Focused Business Coaching Firm

​​Some problems are just too big to handle on your own. There are plenty of business coaches out there that are experts in helping you achieve the vision you have for your business—no matter how off track you’ve gotten. That being said, make sure you vet them properly, and also make sure they have extensive experience in working with builders, remodelers and/or Trade Companies.  Below, we’ve gathered 5 indicators that it could be time for some of that extra help.

​​Business momentum is slow

​​No matter how hard you work, business momentum stays slow, if it even exists at all. You’ve found yourself stuck in a rut, doing the same things, seeing nothing change.

​​A coaching firm will know how to get that momentum back up again. Whether you just need a few changes here and there or a business-wide paradigm shift, you don’t have to be stuck feeling like you’re going nowhere forever.

​​Your strategy is unclear

​​When you started your business, you had a pretty good idea of where you were going and how you would get there—but somewhere along the way, you lost it. You’ve exhausted all your ideas and strategies to no avail. If you see the path ahead at all, it’s a bit foggy at best; what got you here isn’t going to get you there. how do you keep moving forward?

​​If you’re encountering this problem, it’s most likely time to get a fresh, outside perspective. Sometimes, where you should go next isn’t clear because you’ve had the same set of eyes on the path for too long.

​​Your direction changes week to week

​​One of the most important things to keep your business on its feet is a unified vision. Maybe you started out this way, but now your vision keeps changing—and those around you just can’t keep up with that they’re supposed to be shooting for. If you feel yourself jumping between business models, markets, ideologies, or concepts of what your business should be, it might be time to call in some professional help.

​​You know what to do . . . but you don’t do it

​​Say you aren’t lost. You aren’t directionless. Actually, you have a pretty good idea of what your business needs to do moving forward.

​​But you don’t do it.

​​Lack of implementation or follow-through is a strong indicator that you need a professional business coach. Coaching firms can help translate that concept of change sitting in your mind to specific, tangible action steps. Getting an outside perspective is a great way to spur movement and encounter some challenges to your thoughts and assumptions to further improve your plans.

​​You’ve taken on too much

​​There’s no shame in asking for help. When’s the last time you’ve taken a vacation? When’s the last time you took a day to take care of yourself? When’s the last time you only put in 40 hours of work a week? It may not seem like it at the time, but overexerting yourself to try and keep everything together is one of the worst things you can do for your business.

​​When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might lose confidence in your team’s ideas or where your business is heading. You might feel isolated, like you can’t confide in those in your organization around you. Whatever it is, overworking yourself is going to have detrimental effects on your success. If you’re feeling the pressure, it’s probably time to get some outside assistance from a business coach.

​​Running a business is never easy—but some times are harder than others. In those ruts, one thing becomes abundantly clear: you can’t do it all on your own. If you’re experiencing the exhaustion, confusion, or loss of direction described above, it’s probably time to reach out to a business coach that can help direct your business towards its goals.

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