As we welcome the new year, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the latest interior design trends for 2023. From global-inspired aesthetics to the modern farmhouse, these styles are sure to inspire your home renovation and building projects in the coming year.

Global Interior Design

Fusing together elements from cultures around the world, global style is all about creating an eclectic look that reflects your memories of favorite destinations or travel aspirations. This trend is characterized by a minimalist approach that combines sleek elements with patterned decor for a pop of color. Textures play a key role in global design, as they add an international appeal to the space. If you’re someone who loves to break away from rigid design rules, global style is perfect for you. You can use your unique tastes and one-of-a-kind, memorable pieces to create a space that truly reflects your personal style.

The Modern Farmhouse Evolution

The ever-popular modern farmhouse trend is evolving in 2023, with a focus on fresh neutral color schemes and minimalism. Decluttered surfaces, simple decor, and clean layouts create a calm and welcoming atmosphere. To achieve a sense of coziness and warmth, mix and match various textures, with wood remaining a key material. However, instead of using natural wood, opt for white painted, grey washed, and bleached wood surfaces for a fresh take on the style. 

Outdoor Living

In the outdoor living trend, your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home’s interior. To bring all the comfort, style, and quality of inside designs to the outside, curate your outdoor space just like you would an indoor room. Arrange seating, cooking, and serving stations in a floor plan and add lighting, furniture, and decor that is suitable for outdoor use. 

“Cottage Core”

Embrace the beauty of nature and the simple, sustainable lifestyle of the countryside with the cottage core trend. This style features vintage and antique pieces, romantic floral patterns, and natural materials. The architecture of a cottage core space typically includes lower and slanted ceilings, smaller floor plans, and walls that showcase the patina of time – think worn bricks, exposed shiplap, and textured white plaster. Lighting with lustrous finishes adds a timeworn look that is perfect for charming style.