With the prevailing sentiments of unease among US homebuyers—primarily because of soaring prices and an acute supply pinch—there’s now a shimmer of hope on the horizon. Despite the market’s seeming stagnation and the dampening effect of high-interest rates on buying activities, home construction has consistently added to the housing inventory. This rise, even during a season historically marked by inventory decline, is indeed a refreshing deviation. The last week of September alone saw a 1.8% inventory surge. Such spikes, though not indicative of a massive influx, are notable for how they hint at the evolving reactions of homebuyers to current mortgage rates—the highest in over two decades.

Mortgage Rates: A Double-Edged Sword
It’s been 23 years since the 30-year mortgage rate has been this high, steadily rising above 7%. This has directly affected supply dynamics. Many homeowners, having locked in lower rates, hesitate to abandon those favorable terms by relocating. The consequent domino effect? High rates and escalating prices are eroding home affordability.
Yet, there’s another side to this coin. As per available data, many homes are witnessing a markdown from their initial list prices. The recent data shows that 37% of houses have undergone price reductions beyond the regular equilibrium of a balanced market. Further insights reveal that, as of September 24, 6.5% of US homes for sale experienced a price drop. This is a noticeable increase from the 5.8% in August.
Builders and Sellers: Pivoting with the Times
In the pre-existing home domain, sellers are increasingly amenable to negotiating their asking prices. Some even go the extra mile, offering enticements like covering home repairs or facilitating a mortgage-rate buydown. Homebuilders, closely attuned to these market shifts, demonstrate flexibility by promoting smaller properties or offering rate buydowns. As we move into the last quarter, with rumors of a looming Federal Reserve interest rate increase, sellers might need to contemplate further price adjustments to stay competitive.
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