Immediately Improve Traffic to Your Construction Website This Summer

You probably understand the importance of driving qualified traffic to your construction business, but how can you ensure that the people who land on your page are qualified and not just fly-by visitors who waste your resources and increase your bounce rate?

Here are three tried-and-tested methods that can help any small construction business.

1. Pay for Ads

If you want to get results fast, online advertising is the way to go. Studies show that 88% of online users go online to research brands and products, and they click when they see an exact match. Consequently, advertising your construction business is a surefire way to drive traffic and clicks. Keep in mind, however, that the quality of the clicks you get will depend on the quality of your ad copy and landing page performance. If you’re not targeting the right keywords or if your ad copy is misleading, you risk wasting your precious resources on prospects who aren’t interested in your products.

Another thing you need to consider is that relying on online advertising alone is not sustainable. While you’ll see a traffic boost when running an ad campaign, there is no guarantee that this increase will be sustained. As a result, if you’re looking for a strategy that focuses on achieving long-term results, paid ads are not it.

2. Start Blogging

If you are serious about growing your small business, you’ve probably already heard that quality content is one of the best and most efficient ways to drive traffic, build a connection with your audience, and persuade prospective clients to convert. Sure, it will take a lot of time and hard work, but it will ultimately achieve the results that you want.

Simply stated, blogging is the way to go if you’re looking to build and maintain a steady flow of visitors over the long-run. Still, you need to understand that not just any article will do. You need to provide quality, relevant content that compels prospects to come back and learn more. You also need to optimize your content for certain keywords so that it’s easier for search engines to pick up your blog and place it high within search results.

If you can create content that addresses the needs, challenges, and concerns of your prospects, each blog has the potential to bring new traffic. Moreover, with each article you create, there is an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build credibility and authority.

3. Spread the Word about Your Construction Business

One of the simplest, most cost-effective, yet neglected ways of driving traffic to your small business is asking your customers to refer you within their networks. Although asking your prospects to tell others about your business may seem a bit intruding, you’re missing a huge opportunity by ignoring this simple tactic.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Email Marketing: Use email marketing to keep your current and prospective customers informed about your products or latest offers. Make sure that the content is short, sweet, and relevant. The last thing you want is to come across as being “spammy.”
  • Social Media Marketing: If you created a new blog post but didn’t share it on social media, did it even happen? One effective way to boost your traffic is to share content with your social media audience. Write short descriptions of your posts and schedule them as you’re updating your content. You can also create plugins that automatically share your content via social media.
  • Borrow Reach: To make use of other’s audiences, for example, you can write guest posts for industry blogs and add your construction website in the “About the Author” section at the end of an article. You can also ask other organizations or your business affiliates with similar audiences if you can create content for their newsletters and then link them back to your website.


Regardless of the strategy you choose, you should always have your marketing goals in mind. If you want to build steady traffic over time, regularly updating your blog and website is the best option. However, if you just want a spike to garner much-needed attention for your small business, then focus on online advertising. Either way, it is essential that you let prospects know about your efforts.