Are you ready to grow your construction company? Today, within the range of promotional opportunities and expansion strategies, email marketing has emerged as one of the most efficient, affordable, and effective business techniques.

By allowing companies to contact past, current, and prospective clients in a personalized manner, email newsletters are an excellent way to generate leads, maintain connections, and stay ahead of the competition. Here are nine different email marketing tips you can use to grow your company.

Build an Email List

In the initial phase of email marketing, create a list of potential leads. After organizing a list of past and current clients who have signed up to receive updates from your company, it is vital to identify prospective customers, as they are the most opportune marketing platform.

A strong online presence can help you drive and monitor consumer traffic; utilize your company website or other social media outlets to encourage potential customers to join your email list, or attend an in-person event. While newsletter invitations can generate a high volume of subscribers, it is vital to provide an opt-out option, giving recipients the choice to be removed from the mailing list. Not only is this professional, but it’s also the law.

After composing a list of current and potential clients, segment your customer platform based on individualized data, such as lead status, demographic information, or location. Ultimately, this will help you create more relevant offers and newsletters based on personalized knowledge and consumer interests.

Develop a Strong Subject Line

As it is the sole visual that appears in a users inbox, an exciting subject line can be the differentiator between people opening or ignoring your email. Generic titles, such as “construction company” or “March newsletter” are not innately compelling to an audience. Instead, develop a creative, enthralling title that makes people want to learn more about your company and the products or services you provide.

Be concise; include your business’s name and a brief indicator of what the email concerns. Many business owners establishing an email marketing campaign utilize the services of small business coaches, as they can not only assist with creating titles that will improve email view rates but ultimately help companies develop a powerful marketing voice and strong client platform.

Create Email Branding Graphics

When viewing your email, the recipient should be able to decipher where it came from and who sent immediately. In addition to providing your business name in the subject or closing line, it is vital to include it in the body of the email itself. Brand recognition will increase the probability of user interest and view rates.

Incorporating your business logo at the beginning of an email is also an integral branding technique. To enhance the visual component of your email, include your company’s colors, or choose photos and graphics that compliment your brand, and further portray your business image. If you lack experience with graphic art, investing in a contractor to create your email template can be tremendously beneficial, as you will recycle the design template for all of your emails.

Use a Company Email Address

Ensure your emails are sent from a recognizable company address. Using a Gmail or other free email address may be suitable for communicating with current clients, but when it comes to construction marketing, it’s wise to have a personal mailing address that ends in While spam triggers are becoming more sophisticated, using a verified, personal email address can enhance the validity, and view rates, of your email campaign.

Link Back to Your Website

In your email, include links back to your website and other social media platforms. By compressing the text in your actual email, and linking your website as an opportunity to read more, you can increase your reader’s interest and drive traffic back to your company website. Further, a concise, controlled email will prevent viewers from being overwhelmed with information; you don’t want prospective customers to lose interest in the forefront of marketing.

Avoid Setting Off Spam Filters

Spam filters are set to capture and delete emails that contact certain spam triggers. Email subject lines that include words such as free, special offer, win, or order now often end up in the spam folder. Avoid using trigger words in both the subject lines and actual context of your company email.

Automate Your Process

You can make your email marketing process much easier by automating as much of it as possible. This allows you to put together multiple email marketing messages at once and schedule them to be sent out on certain days. You can even have some emails only sent to certain recipients. All it takes is the right email software and a few clicks of the mouse.

Always Include a Call-to-Action

All of your marketing emails should conclude with a CTA. Call-to-actions are useful because they direct viewers to a specific task related to the provided content. Whether you divert your readers with “click here to download our latest ebook” or “follow us on Facebook,”explicit commands give businesses the opportunity to further engage readers and ultimately convert leads to clients.

Be Friendly

Keep your emails brief, friendly, and comprehensible. Readers should easily decipher why/from whom they’re getting the email, and where any link in the message will take them. Email messages should not elicit a forceful tone, or appear to your audience as more of a sale than a service. Taking the time to compose not only a relatable, interest-grabbing message, but an aesthetically pleasing template as well, will leverage the professionalism and quality of your construction company.

There’s No Time Like the Present

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