5 Ways to Build your Construction Brand

No matter the size of your business, any builder should strive to create a strong brand identity, and it can be quite a trip to get there. You could even say that building a brand is harder than building a home.

But, it’s not impossible. Here are five tips builders should keep in mind when developing their brand:
1. Know How Much You Want to Spend
You can’t build your brand overnight. This is a process that takes a lot of time and requires strategic planning. Building a brand isn’t cheap either.
Studies show that most small companies spend between 2 and 10% of their revenue on marketing. Your branding efforts represent a big fraction of that budget. It may look like a lot, especially if you’re a small builder operating on a lean budget, but try to understand that you can’t afford to be stingy with your branding. The success of your business depends on how you develop and manage your brand.
Design a strategy and estimate how much money you would need to achieve your goal. Find out how much other builders are spending on building their brands and review their results. Set up a budget and stick to it. A budget will keep you focused on your goal and will prevent you from overspending on unnecessary marketing tactics.
2. Define What You Stand for
If the company is the person, the brand is its personality. You aim to be the kind of person your clients want to have in their lives, so much so, that they trust you to build their homes. And for that to happen, you need your personalities to click.
A brand is a collection of values, beliefs, and purposes that define your company. They dictate how it “behaves” and what it says in different situations. Your brand should trigger emotion, so invest in learning the needs, desires, and habits of your current and potential customers. Mold your brand after their expectations, but don’t compromise. For example, if people want low prices but you take pride in your services and the materials you use, don’t settle. Target an audience who understands that your high-quality service comes at a cost.
3. Design a Powerful Logo
Although a brand is more than a logo, it still is the visual foundation of your company.
Make sure that your logo stands out and is easily recognizable. Whenever customers come across it, it has to evoke the emotions you want your brand to be associated with and push people into inquiring your services.
Pick a logo that hints at your company’s personality. If you can’t achieve that through your visuals, then try to create a slogan or tagline that emphasizes the core values of your business.
4. Start Working on Your Online Presence
The first place people will look for you is the internet. A strong online presence helps you establish your position as an authority in the industry. But, keep in mind that digital material needs to be consistent and aligned with your brand personality.
Create a website where you describe in detail everything you tried to capture with your logo. Become active on social media and take advantage of every opportunity you get to connect with prospects. Use blog posts to educate your customers about the industry and your business. Encourage clients to review your services and use testimonials whenever the chance occurs.
5. Use Your Best Employees as Brand Ambassadors
Putting a face to your company makes you more credible. Customers are more willing to hire you over other builders if they like you and trust you. The human factor guarantees them that your offer high-quality and trustworthy services.
Choose your best employees and promote them as industry experts. Set up their own social media accounts and link them to your business. Have them write blog posts on topics of interests for your audience or answer questions that your prospects ask. Send them to trade shows, conventions, and public relations events and have them interact with potential customers.
The best way to make a memorable impression on your prospects is to make them feel something. That’s why your brand plays such a vital role in the success of your building business.
Hopefully, these tricks will help you get started with building a brand that will help you stand out from other builders in your niche.