5 Trends In Smart Plumbing Tech

Smart homes continue to advance, and with them, new technology is debuting on the market each and every day. Are you wondering what the “smart” trend has to do with your water system? Below, we’ve gathered the coolest new tech on the market to use in your plumbing business. (Or in your own home!)

Gray water recycling

Of course, recycling isn’t that new of a concept, but recycling graywater (the water from your sinks, tubs, showers, washing machines, and kitchen appliances) is an environmentally friendly development that is becoming more accessible for consumers across the country. A graywater recycling system doesn’t even require new plumbing fixtures; you just need a piping system installed in your yard to start saving up to 70% off your water bill. This gently-used water is great for irrigating your yard, and keeping that water from going into lakes and rivers can help keep pollutants from forming in the natural water systems.

LED temperature monitor

Smart technology is working hard to make kitchens and bathrooms as advanced (but user-friendly) as possible. Now on the market are faucets and other appliances that come with LED screens and lighting for temperature control and monitoring. Not only can these faucets display the exact temperature of the water coming out, but it can also use colored lights for visual guidance—a blue screen for cold water and a red screen for hot water. These monitors increase the convenience and safety for people who need to gauge exact water temperatures.

Smart dishwashers

The new staple of a smart home is the smart dishwasher, the appliance that communicates with you to make your household responsibilities easier. Through its own app, smart dishwashers can help you monitor the washing cycle time, current cycle status, and even help you reorder detergent when you’re running low. Not to mention the numerous updates these appliances offer over the standard dishwasher: bottle jets, specialized and adjustable racks, LED lights, and water recycling capabilities are just a few of the amenities that many smart washer designs offer.

Smart water heater

Smart water heaters are the quietest and most efficient heaters on the market. Your water heater can now connect to your Wi-Fi and alert your phone in the instance of a leak, spill, or other problem to give you peace of mind. It can also provide reminders for any service needs, so you don’t have to keep track. Smart heaters are better for the environment, they lower your energy costs, and they can lower the amount of tasks you have to worry about as a homeowner.

Brain pipes

Brain pipes make up a full smart home plumbing system. Designed to preserve natural resources, prevent damages, and spot leaks, brain pipes are perfect for those hoping to save money and the environment. The system sends alerts to your phone describing the exact location of a breakage should there be one, and are capable of monitoring an entire house or building at one time.
As smart home appliances are getting more and more available to consumers in the market, even your plumbing needs can be met with household necessities that are more efficient than ever. From faucet monitors to whole house plumbing systems, fears of leaks, breaks, or astronomical water bills are quickly fading away.



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