5 Times to Call A Plumbing Professional

It’s often tempting to just google whatever plumbing problem you’re having and tinker around yourself until you fix it. Unfortunately, some problems are just too big for the average homeowner to handle on their own, and in fact, can lead to even bigger consequences if not taken care of properly. Below are 5 times when it’s best to leave the DIY alone and call a professional plumbing business.

You have a sewer line leak

If you notice murky water accumulating in your yard or walk outside to terrible smells and mushy soil, you are probably dealing with a broken or blocked sewer line. There are more subtle signs as well—like your toilet filling up when someone uses the sink or bathtubs filling with wastewater—that point to sewer line leaks. Of course, you could spend multiple days digging up the line to locate the faulty pipe, but this work is as backbreaking as it is risky.
The sewer line is the one line that takes all your home’s wastewater out from every sink, shower, toilet, bath, and appliance, so it is critical that the line is working flawlessly for you to carry about your day-to-day life. The only way you can be sure to find the source of the problem and fix it properly is by calling a reputable plumbing company. They have tools available to them that make the process quicker and safer, and they might even be able to use a motorized drain snake and avoid digging up the line altogether, saving the hassle.

There’s no running water in the house

Common problems can cause water to stop flowing from a single sink or shower, or even stop hot water from flowing to any area or appliance. But if you find that no water at all is flowing in your entire house, it’s likely that you are experiencing a serious problem and need to call in a professional. There could be a burst or severed pipe coming from the street side water meter, and water intended for your house is being diverted.

Your pipes are frozen

Fixing frozen pipes on your own can lead to disastrous consequences—namely, cracked and completely burst pipes. If you’re hearing strange clanking noises, smelling strange smells, or seeing frost or moisture on your pipes, don’t hesitate to call in a plumber to solve the problem ASAP and avoid as much water damage as possible.

You’re experiencing serious backflow problems

If you’re noticing backflow seeping from any of your appliances, it’s definitely time to call someone in. Once water goes down the drain, it mingles with everything else from the drainage system, so anything coming back up can be at least partially sewer water. Protect your home from bad smells and spreading sewage by letting a professional take care of it at the first sign of backflow. Often, there is a single, simple cause to the problem that they can take care of quickly.

Your toilet just doesn’t stop flushing

If the toilet is still running minutes (or hours) after you’ve flushed it, you’re experiencing an issue that is likely running up your water bill. A plumber can easily alleviate this issue to stop the incessant noise and waste of water.
You might have a little experience fixing up furniture or making minor home improvements, but plumbing is one of the areas probably best left to the professionals. Taking matters into your own hands can result in greater damages, unnecessary injuries, and stress that could simply be avoided by calling someone with the right expertise. If you’re experiencing any of the problems above, save yourself the hassle and reach for the phone instead of the toolbox.



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