The construction industry can be a tough one to crack. Competition is fierce, and established relationships can make it hard for newcomers to enter the market. Construction marketing requires its own unique strategies and approaches. However, don’t let these challenges discourage you. By using tried-and-true strategies to grow your business, you stand a high chance of securing success.

In order to succeed you’re going to have to apply effort and be both patient and consistent. While there is no magic fix or sure-fire recipe for ensuring success, there are steps you can take to maximize success. Let’s examine five key construction marketing strategies you can use to grow your business.

1. Websites Need to Meet the Highest Standard

You need to take a long, hard, and deep look at your website. Don’t have one? Get one. Your website doesn’t have to be the most advanced piece of code on the web. However, it should work quickly and responsively, make a good impression, and be optimized for both mobile and desktop use.

Beyond the basics, your website must also explain your business, services, and core values. It should be very easy for customers to figure out what your company is about. Further, you should display contact forms and otherwise try to get customers data (via legal and ethical means, of course).

2. Use Innovative Construction Remarketing Strategies

Remarketing refers to targeting people who have visited your website due to an ad. If someone visits your website via an ad, try to get their email address. In fact, go to great lengths to do so. Consider offering something free, like a new home construction eBook or a consultation.

Once you have their contact information, you can put them on a drip campaign and contact them periodically. This way, you can stay in touch. Given that they clicked on your ad, they are most likely interested customers, so it could pay off in a sale.

You should also stay in touch with your past customers. Often, one of the best sources to grow your company are the people who have already purchased your products and services. Further, former customers may be able to refer new customers.

3. Create QUALITY Content

SEO is important, as is consumer engagement. A vital component of both is high-quality content. Skip the junk content written solely for search engines. Instead, create content that is of the highest value. This means adding value to your visitors.

Blog posts are the industry’s bread and butter. However, videos, social media posts, case studies, ebooks, tutorials, and diagrams can be very helpful. These assets are especially useful for construction marketing.

Your goal is to both educate your customers and to establish yourself as a trusted advisor. Customers are more likely to work with people they trust. This is especially true for big projects like building a new home or other building projects.

The ultimate goal is to establish yourself as a thought leader. This will help tremendously when it comes to growing your business.

4. Focus Your Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to marketing, random is generally bad. It’s much better to target your campaigns. You need to go after customers who will are likely to be interested and qualify for your services (especially financially). This means using segmented audiences and targeting.

At the same time, your marketing campaign has to be diversified in regards to channels. Facebook, Google Search, Adwords, you should leverage multiple audiences. While doing so, you should still remain focused and coordinate your efforts across these multiple platforms.

As you can guess, this can get quite tricky. Such is the way of construction marketing and indeed digital marketing in general. If this sounds daunting, consider reaching out to a marketing expert or small business coach. He or she will be able to provide you with valuable insights so you grow your business.

5. Know Your Target Audience

This has been touched on, but finding and targeting your audience is so vital for construction marketing, that we need to go over it specifically. Finding your audience is vital. They need to be interested in your construction services and/or products. They also need to have the ability to pay.

This means qualifying your potential leads. Someone who wants to build a new house but can’t afford to, for example, is unqualified. If you waste time marketing to unqualified people you will squander resources.

A targeted audience is essential for growing your business. At the same time, targeting is one of the most difficult things in the entire marketing industry.

Conclusion: Success is Not Guaranteed But You Can Maximize the Odds

When it comes to growing your business, there is no way to guarantee success. However, by following the above tips, you can maximize your odds. Marketing is vital for every company, including construction firms. So make sure you take it seriously and follow tried and true construction marketing methods.