New Home Sales Surging Throughout May

In a time of economic uncertainty and the upheaval of normal rhythms, we’re searching for hope for the future and reminders that life still presses on. Despite dramatic shifts in our economy, studies are showing unexpected economic resilience in the housing market for builders, buyers, and sellers alike.
Here are some promising statistics and helpful tips to keep in mind so you can proceed with confidence.

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Riding Recovery Momentum Through COVID-19 Despite “2nd Wave” Concerns

The coronavirus pandemic is a first. From the government to businesses to every single person on this planet, we’re all learning how to navigate this “new normal” together. As states start to reopen and life starts to move forward, the construction industry is beginning to return to pre-coronavirus levels in many areas of the county. Building on this momentum will help your company recover from the tumultuous last few months, but it can also help you get ahead as we continue to move forward. 

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6 Keys to Stay Safe On-Site Without Increasing Your Budget

Maintaining workers’ safety and health is becoming one of the major challenges of businesses during “the new normal” in 2020. Construction firms can prioritize safety and actively seek to eliminate risks without going beyond the budget. The following are six key tips to stay safe on the job site within the budget.

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Using a Recession to Your Advantage Post-COVID-19

As businesses continue to operate during COVID-19, it has become clear that a recession is inevitable. However, a recession doesn’t have to be scary; it is possible to treat a recession as an opportunity to both invest and diversify your construction firm’s future growth. Construction firms can look to the previous recession to create a carefully calculated strategy that will allow them to continue to grow during the expected economic decline.

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Technology and the Future of the Construction Industry

The industrial revolution of the mid-eighteen to the nineteenth century revolutionized the way humans build things and gave birth to the growth of economies. Like every other sector, the construction industry was not left out in this advancement and was, in fact, a frontrunner in the earlier revolution.

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