Targeted Landing Pages are Important to Your Construction Business

Online marketing is one of the most popular ways of bringing new clients to your construction business, but it takes more than posting on a few social networking sites, throwing up a website, and sending a few email blasts. To get the most from online marketing, you need to have targeted landing pages. These pages are designed so that each one has its purpose and is optimized for that purpose. People visiting that page should know exactly what is it you’re saying and what they need to do.

If you’re not a website guru, you may not be familiar with landing pages. Let’s take a quick look at what these unique web pages are and what you need to do to create strong ones that will convert traffic into clients.

What Exactly Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are unique web pages that have their specific content on them. Each page is linked to directly from something such as a construction marketing email, online ad, or search engine result. These pages are different from your homepage. Instead, each one is targeted to specific potential customers.

For a construction company, you might have a landing page for each city or neighborhood you work in. Each of these landing pages talks about projects you’ve done in that community and is optimized for keywords that include the neighborhood/city name. You could also have landing pages for each of the types of construction you do, such as residential, commercial, and industrial. Determining which landing pages to build is one of the most important steps of using this type of marketing.

What Do Good Landing Pages Include?

The first thing to do is determine each landing page’s targeted audience. Keeping these pages focused is the most important part of each one. Also, remember to keep it as simple as you can. Visitors to these pages should be able to grasp what the page is about and what action you want them to take almost immediately.

Each landing page needs to include all of the relevant information, links to the correct pages on your website, and other resources that can provide the visitors with more information on the topic and help them see why they need to work with your company over your competitors. Everything needs to help move potential customers towards contacting you and hiring your company.

The Benefits of Using these Pages

There are some reasons a good small business coach would recommend using landing pages to a construction company. These pages are designed to improve your conversion rates. That means the more landing pages you have, the more new customers you should see. Of course, this doesn’t mean you need to make dozens of landing pages. It means you need to make as many as you need and that they all need to be good, high-quality pages.

If you achieve that, you’ll find that your marketing campaigns become more focused and effective. You’ll be able to focus on more specific groups of potential customers, which lets you create marketing materials that are much more defined instead of being so generic. You can also more easily track how your potential customers are interacting with your landing pages and your online ads overall.

Landing pages are also effective in boosting your search engine rankings. Each of these pages should be optimized around specific keywords that represent the focus of that page. This means you have more pages that will appear in search results, and since each one is set up for certain keywords, there’s a better chance of these pages being ranked higher in specific searches.

Tips for Creating Good Landing Pages

Building a strong landing page starts with keyword research. You want to know which of the keywords associated with the construction industry are the most relevant for you. These may be specific location keywords, services terms, or the types of buildings you specialize in.

Once you’ve determined the keywords, you can organize them into landing pages. This makes it easier to see how many pages you need and what each page will focus on. Again, keep the content on these pages as simple as possible. Landing pages need to be easy to understand and clear in what their purpose is. This often means that the design elements on the page need to be fairly simple, too. You don’t want a lot of images, videos, and other elements adding too much clutter to a page.

You can also build multiple landing pages for each set of keywords and do what’s known as split tests on them. These tests involve making two landing pages for a keyword and uploading both to your website. You use both pages for a month or so, then look at the results. Whichever one drew more traffic and had a higher conversion rate is the one you keep.

Time to Build Your Landing Pages

If you don’t have landing pages, chances are you’re not bringing in as many potential new customers as you could. Building these pages is important since each one highlights a different part of your company. By creating focused landing pages for each keyword, you’ll see your conversion rates increase, and your company grow.

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