4 Reasons Your Construction Company Needs Social Media

Does your company need social media? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes for many reasons. We’re not going to be able to cover all of the reasons your company needs social media in this post. However, we can and will go over four of the most important reasons your company needs social media. While this article focuses on construction marketing, the tips will be useful for any industry.

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5 Keys to Designing an Amazing Vehicle Wrap

A vehicle can be more than a vehicle. With a stand-out vehicle wrap, you can turn your auto into a rolling billboard, advertising your goods and services. This is especially helpful for companies and industries that involve a lot of vehicles and time on the road such as a construction company. When it comes to construction marketing, a simple vehicle wrap can help spread your company’s brand far and wide.

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6 Trends Expected in the Construction Industry in 2018

With the ever-changing dynamics of the construction industry, keeping up with new trends is essential, and can help your business save money, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately expand in a competitive market. 2018 promises a multitude of new trends, specific to technological developments in the construction sector.

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7 Growth Seeds for a Blooming Landscaping Business

So, you’ve decided to take your love for lawn-care and landscaping to the next level and turn it into a small business. Building it on a solid foundation and treating it as a real business, not as a hobby, are critical to achieving success.

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10 Considerations for Hiring a Business Coach

For many of today’s entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and aspiring students, starting a small business is the opportunity of a lifetime. If you’ve independently started your own construction company, you’ve accomplished something many people consider but never do. The high financial risks and no guarantee of success have aspired many start-ups and small organizations to team up with a business coach.

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[Infographic] The War For Talent: How Construction Companies Can Improve Their Recruiting and Retention Process

These strategies will help construction companies overcome the worker shortage crisis, take on new projects, and ultimately increase profitability. 


With the goal of cultivating employee excellence, many construction companies have forgotten the importance of worker satisfaction, health, and retention. The strategies above can help employers, in the midst of a worker shortage, attract prospects, enhance performance, and better workplace outcomes.



[Infographic] 6 Helpful Hints For First Time Contractors And Construction Businesses

In this infographic, we will highlight the critical tips and tricks to ease your journey’s beginning and help you ultimately create a successful, professional business. 


While these tips were built to clarify, inspire, and improve your small business efforts, deeper components, related to both business and construction, are also available at your fingertips. Groups such as Small Business Growth Partners share the tools, mentorship programs, and experiences necessary to help broaden the knowledge base and successes of new contractors and start-up pursuers everywhere.