6 Ways All Plumbers Should Network

Plumbers are not exempt from the need to network. Networking helps expand your business, lead to new partnerships and clients, present future opportunities, and provide a support system of like-minded individuals handling the ups and downs of their industry. To reap all the benefits of efficient networking, we’ve compiled our best networking tips for plumbers.

Ask simple questions

The biggest part of networking is just starting that relationship. Conversation is a great way to connect with and get to know with those around you, both in your specific profession or in related fields. Asking easy questions—or icebreakers, if you’d like to think of them like that—can help spark that conversation. Just simple things like “what brought you to this event?” or “how long have you been in the business?” can be a great way to kick off your networking.

Follow through

If your simple conversations go well, you might exchange contact information, like email, or find each other on platforms like LinkedIn. Don’t let your networking bonds fizzle out! Remember to follow up and continue to connect, either online or using those online contacts to lead to getting in touch in person. Networking is pointless if you talk to a dozen people in one night and then never hear from them again. You need to take the initiative and make sure your social efforts are truly building lasting relationships.

Share your passions

This advice is applied in many different areas of life, but it applies here too: stick with what you know. This isn’t to say you can’t discuss anyone else’s interests or you should forcefully direct conversations to what you like to talk about, but in general, it can be a good idea to have conversations about the things you’re truly passionate about. After all, you might find someone with similar interests and make a great connection with them. Even if no one is into your niche, you still will have a wealth of information to talk about to keep the conversation going, and your passions will probably be of interest to someone else in your field, whether they know much about it or not.

Go beyond social media

We’ve already mentioned that LinkedIn is a great networking tool, so we definitely aren’t discounting the benefits of networking on social media platforms. We just think it’s a good idea to branch out further. No networking method will ever be as successful as developing relationships in-person. Meeting new people, having engaging conversations, and interacting face to face will forge connections that no tweet or Facebook message can measure up to.

Prepare to market yourself

Go into any networking event with an elevator pitch of your business in mind. What makes you a valuable connection? What is your business about? How would networking with you benefit someone else? Prepare yourself to explain why you’re distinct, and why you think your business is valuable. If it’d make it easier when the time comes, you can even rehearse your pitch in a mirror in the privacy of your own home, so you aren’t fumbling for words when your opportunity comes. As always, marketing yourself should come off as humble, but don’t downplay your successes and strengths. Honesty is the best way to go.
Network 24/7
Networking isn’t just a switch you turn on when you go to a conference or log in to LinkedIn. Intentionality is vital, and it’s important to recognize that helpful business connections can come from anywhere at any time. Whenever you meet someone new, look at it as a potential opportunity to forge a valuable relationship. Have business cards on hand whenever you can. Keep that handy elevator pitch tucked safely in the back of your mind—you never know when you might have to pull it out!
Networking is a pillar of doing business in the 21st century. Networking skill goes beyond charisma and being in the right place at the right time; it’s a choice you make every day. Relationships are the foundation of a good business. These tips are a great way to start networking and make sure those relationships stick.