What Is A BPA?

BPA stands for Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions, and is an exclusive and private business planning tool from Small Business Growth Partners, developed through focusing on the issues of small business owners through builders, remodelers, and trade companies, and how to solve them. Your BPA will include a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your business, including an internal website and online review of your company. SBGP also analyzes your marketing, sales and sales process, your team communication structure, hiring process & talent acquisition strategies, your financials and financial tracking processes and strategic planning.

Through a six step process, we identify what is working, note what is not, ask you a litany of questions and disseminate and fully document everything that is discovered. Finally, we conduct DISC Profile and Motivational Assessments with you and up to 5 members of your management team (including a team “scatter chart”) and blend the results into your BPA. These assessments are also compliments of SBGP, to truly personalize your Plan. An average BPA costs $4700 and is provided by your HBA member benefits.

The deliverable is an extremely accurate and personalized 40+ page, step-by- step and time-based 12 month Plan for you and your business.

1. Assessment

A professional and “outsiders” view of your business – most builders don’t have the luxury of having a “diagnostic” done on their businesses, nor have many had an unbiased analysis of how they are doing.

3. Analysis

An analysis of your team and team acquisition system, including full DISC/Motivator assessments for key team members. The results of the assessments, including a team personality mapping grid, will also be included within your BPA.

2. Advise

The ability to ask all business related questions from professionals that know your industry.

4. Planning

A time-based and action driven plan, broken down from a 3 year picture to the current quarter of the year your BPA is created.

5. Recommendations

Ideas and strategies for your sales process and system, marketing, internal processes, cash flow tracking and more.