Builder & Trade Company Specialists

Unlike the vast majority of coaching firms, we are not generalists. The building and trade industries are very different from any other, and we have focused on them exclusively since 2016.


From working with thousands of Builders, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and other various trade industries, we have an intimate knowledge of how to help business owners in these very unique trades.

SBGP is NOT a Franchise

What this means is that we have full control over the coaching process, and our employee coaches. You don’t have to worry about “questionable” coaches working with you or your company who are not of the highest caliber. All our coaches have extensive experience in working with hundreds of builders, remodelers, and trade companies.

Service Exclusivity

The consideration for candidacy in one of our programs, including the creation of a personalized Business Diagnostic & Plan of Action is not available to the general public. Eligibility is reserved solely for current Strategic Alliance Partner HBA Members, or direct SBGP client referrals. This exclusivity allows us the opportunity to create detailed, comprehensive, and high-impact plans for the builders, remodelers, and trade companies that we touch.

100% Client Focus: Coaches Only Coach

Our competition primarily focuses on recruiting franchisees or licensees to generate the bulk of their income and client results then become secondary; our model is the exact opposite. SBGP is the only small business coaching company that employs a true “two-tiered” business model. What this means for you is that our coaches only coach, and they don’t have to worry about constantly going out to find new business owners as their clients. This gives SBGP the ability to employ coaches that have a long and successful track record of consistently improving business owner’s company operating results.

The World’s only dedicated and networked coaching and support team

Other business coaching firms may boast that they have a dedicated main franchise or licensee office to support their coaches, but that just doesn’t deliver the results expected by builders, remodelers, or trade companies. SBGP is the world’s most effective 100% employee-based, trade-based small business coaching firm. What this means for our clients is that they have a primary coach, who can ask for added assistance from our team of industry experts in all aspects of business to advise them even further on industry specifics. This greatly assists both the coach and client, and we are the only business coaching firm whom implements this unique process and structure.

Cutting-edge Pairing Technology™

If you look at a traditional coaching firm, they have the ability to attract clients from a 15 to 20 mile radius from their offices. This also means that their coaches must live in the local area for face-to-face meetings with business owners. In our model, we are able to employ coaches from all across the USA, giving us an extreme advantage in the quality of SBGP coaches.

This equates to much higher coach skill sets and significantly improved results for our clients. Our coaching platform is 100% integrated with our internet driven video conferencing system, cloud based document and template silos, and client tracking system to provide a leveraged and seamless coaching experience. This saves business owners their most precious asset – time; this also shortens the time in which they can see tangible results.

The SBGP “Silo” System™

Since we do not have franchise or licensee coaches, we have created our extensive training materials from scratch and update our extensive database of strategies and templates on a regular basis, guaranteeing we are using the newest and freshest ideas to benefit our clients.