The 4 Best Methods To Expand Your Construction Business In 2021

There are multiple, tried-and-true strategies that today’s construction businesses and contractors have utilized to expand their organization’s initiatives. Today, the industry revolves around a large, competitive market, and only the best practices will help a construction business stay ahead of the game.

13 Construction Safety Myths, Explained [Whitepaper]

Safety mantras are normalcy to a wide range of industries and rarely receive scrutiny or criticism. However, in the construction industry, where injuries and fatalities are prevalent, informational deficits and misunderstandings regarding safety can be detrimental to employees and clients. Despite the growing number of safety buzzwords, prudent advice, and on-site protocols, there still appears to be a disconnect between quoting and following such regulations.
Fortunately, many construction companies have attended to the knowledge gap, understanding that safety misconceptions can accelerate errors and risk hazards. This SBGP Exclusive Whitepaper will review 13 common safety myths specific to the construction industry and determine how some notions, while they appear “surface-level safe,” can prove to be the opposite.

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How Automating Your Documents Can Make You a Better Builder

The amount of paperwork needed in the construction industry is unbelievable. The hours it takes to enter each detail by hand is even worse. Thankfully, there is a way to not only streamline the documentation process but improve your entire workflow. Here are the top four reasons why automating your documentation process can make your business better.

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How Can Big Data Drive Smarter Decisions in Construction?

When considering the impact of big data on modern industries, it’s easiest to think first about businesses that are largely digital in nature. Some examples would include financial management, marketing and advertising, and IoT development, to name a few. In all of these types of businesses, it’s easy to see where and how big data can come into play. The truth of the matter at this point is that data is applicable far beyond the initial tech-driven industries that come to mind. And construction is one of many areas in which the impact of big data has become steadily more apparent.

7 Big Technology Trends Coming To The Construction Industry In 2021

Nearly one year into the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries have been forced to transform fast, and construction is no exception. In this infographic, we’ve highlighted the seven biggest trends coming to the building industry over the next year as the sector adapts to the challenges of this global health crisis.

Big SEO Mistakes that Might Ruin Your Construction Marketing

Marketing is a complex art these days, though many marketers and business owners think they can skip a ton of effort by leveraging clever SEO tricks. Unfortunately, many of those same business owners make common SEO mistakes and pay the price.
Let’s look at these common mistakes and examine how you can avoid them in the future.

Common Construction Project Risks and How To Address Them

Every construction project has risks associated with it. As a construction company owner, this is part of doing business. How you deal with and mitigate these risks will determine how successful your job and business can be. 
Here we will discuss some of the most common risk factors, how they affect your business, and how to address them. 

Discovering the Ideal Successor for Your Succession Plan

Do you know who will take over your construction company when you retire? If not, it’s time to begin thinking about your company’s succession plan. This plan is more than a vague idea of who will take over when you’re ready to step down—it’s a plan that ensures your company can continue without interruption if you or any of your top managers were to unexpectedly leave the business or have to take an extended leave of absence.

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