Prevent Job Site Theft Before It Happens

Building materials and equipment, ranging from lumber to heavy machinery, frequently vanish from construction sites. The loss adds up quickly for builders and developers, whether from a tradesman who thought a tool was theirs or thieves loading trucks with materials. Unfortunately, that loss gets compounded as new materials are required, and tradespeople get rescheduled.

With each claim, insurance premiums rise.
To combat this, builders are deciding to tighten job site security and adapt to new forms of surveillance to protect their businesses and the future homeowners they serve.

Assessing Your Inventory

  • Services like the National Equipment Register allow builders to protect and organize their equipment.
    • These programs enable builders and law enforcement to share information on stolen tools and equipment. It would help to track your inventory when equipment and tools are brought on and off the job site. In the event of a theft, this will be useful for accounting for what was stolen.
  • Marking tools, equipment, and machinery with your company name, location, and identification number is also recommended by law enforcement.

Securing your Workplace

  • Physical barriers such as security fences and locks make your job site less appealing to intruders.
  • Leaving extra materials on an upper floor of a building under construction or placing a heavy object on top of the materials, such as the forks of a forklift, makes it more difficult for thieves to access.
  • Video surveillance is becoming a popular form of protection for builders.
    • Monitoring job sites remotely allows builders to be notified of a potential threat, verify when crews arrive/depart, and when materials are delivered.
  • Motion sensors and two-way audio are available in some web-based surveillance systems.
    • They can also include night vision to capture license plates and other forms of identification in low-light conditions.
With price increases and material delays, it’s critical to protect your job site and materials as much as possible.