Due to shipment delays and labor shortages, home builders struggled to execute projects on schedule and budget during COVID (especially in an inflated economy). Continued product shortages, price increases, and a continually changing consumer base haven’t helped either. To keep ahead of new challenges, home builders must develop ways to be agile to build their teams, businesses, and, of course, a backlog of new home contracts.

Builders are navigating new hurdles by enhancing communication with suppliers and manufacturers to provide them with as much prior information as possible. Proper inventory management can help to guarantee that projects are completed on time, and regular communication with clients can help to avoid headaches by managing expectations before problems emerge.
Previously, if there was a supply shortage, it was easy to purchase your way out of the situation and avoid the consequences of shutting down. That is no longer possible, and disruption is the norm.
In today’s market, agility is essential.
1. Be quick to solve problems. As you endeavor to complete your development on schedule and under budget, supply chain and trade concerns become your challenge.
2. Provide as much advance and accurate warning to trades, suppliers, and manufacturers as possible, to assist suppliers in buying smarter and being ready.
3. Be willing to accept substitutions, clearly understand what you want from a product, and convey that directly to your supplier.