Leveraging Member Benefits To Maximize HBA Recruitment & Retention

A new member recruitment & retention plan is essential for every HBA tasked with the goal to increase recruitment. Properly documenting & communicating the full breath of your Member Benefits are the key to breaking down the last psychological barrier to joining an HBA and a common gap in many sales processes. It really is a sales process, since a potentional member is either going to see value in the benefits that an HBA Membership offers or they will not.  Every contractor, sub, or trade company is looking for value that can’t be found outside of a HBA when making the decision to join. These benefits allow potential members to view your offerings and realize more value to their business than the cost of membership. 
Crafting a member acquisition and recruitment plan starts with an audit of the incentives you already have and maximizing their delivery method. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Are my member benefits easily accessible on my HBA website?
  • Are these benefits clearly communicated and accurately described?
  • Are the value points of these benefits relevant to my membership?
  • Are these benefits exclusive and not available to the general public?
  • Am I promoting these member benefits across all of my communication streams? 
If you answered no to any of these questions, there is a high potential you are missing out on potential new members to your local HBA.
Member benefits start on the homepage of your local HBA website where they are clearly visible. Make sure you also have a Member Benefit tab on your navigation bar where these benefits can exist with more detail as well. Continue by promoting these benefits in your HBA blog, Press Releases, Email Campaigns, and Social Media posts.  Remember, not all benefits will resonate to all of your membership.  That being said, it only takes one or two of your offered benefits to show significant value for someone to remain life-long HBA members.
It’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new client versus retaining one!
If new members don’t know about the full breath of your member benefits, your current membership doesn’t either. The benefits of promoting your incentives and making them easier to find not only helps recruitment but retention as well. More members leveraging the exclusive benefits of your Local HBA will only result in a lower attrition rate every year.
By downloading our Q4 revenue sharing guidelines in this email, you will have all the tools necessary to include your BPA member benefit on all of your networks. BPA stands for Business Diagnostic & Plan of Actions and is an exclusive and Private Business Planning tool offered exclusively to your membership via our partnership with your state HBA. A BPA from Small Business Growth Partners is developed by focusing on the unique issues of Builders, Remodelers, HBA Associate Members, and how to solve them.
The deliverable is an extremely accurate and personalized 40+ page, step-by-step and time-based plan for your members and is a $4,200 value.
Promoting the BPA fills all the requirements of a successful member benefit and can be used to solidify your on-boarding process:
  • Exclusive, not available to the general public.
  • Specifically created for builders, contractors and trade company owners
  • Value that far exceeds the cost of annual membership
When crafting your member acquisition & recruitment plan, use these three metrics to determine your strongest benefits and rank them accordingly. Incentives that are exclusive, specialized for your market, and provide more value than your membership cost are the drivers of acquiring more members and keeping them longer.