Replacement of buyer-selected design products endangers customer satisfaction and, as a result, your reputation and profitability. Consider these strategies when Re-Selection becomes a reality.

Tell people what to expect

Customer dissatisfaction exists between customers’ expectations and reality. Creating an excellent reselection experience is all about setting the right expectations, in the right way, at the right time and imparting accurate, comprehensive, and customer-focused expectations at every step. 
On most new home builds, at least one reselection is likely, and customers are acutely aware of global supply chain issues affecting their lives outside the home buying experience. Provide reassurance to the customer rather than allowing their concerns to escalate due to a lack of detail.

Have solutions ready.

Reach out as soon as you’re aware of a reselection situation, but only after you’ve found a solution. Once you’ve offered a substitute, give the customer a quick deadline to respond, ensuring timely ordering of the replacement and because the longer the buyer sits with the uncertainty, the more likely the situation is to have a significant negative impact.

Create a reselection experience focused on the customer.

Don’t just throw the problem in the laps of your customers. Determine the simplest and best method for both the customer and your team: Email? A virtual meeting? A visit to the design studio in person? The answer will differ depending on the product and the number of reselection options available.
It’s unrealistic to expect customers not to be disappointed if one of their carefully selected finishes is no longer available, so train your customer-facing team to provide a balance of optimism and empathy.

Show rather than tell

If possible, provide high-quality side-by-side photos of the original selection and the reselection options. Clarify the distinction and emphasize the advantages of the new options.

Concentrate on the specifics and benefits

Beyond stating the specifics of reselection options, such as style, size, finish, quality or performance, and brand, describe their benefits so customers can feel great about the new options while maintaining overall satisfaction with their new home.