Every Homebuilder Needs A Plan B

With unmet demand driving home prices higher and median sales prices continuing to rise, leads are getting harder to find. By focusing on documentation and attention to detail, homebuilders can construct a plan b that actually works. In this infographic we will explore the three most important areas homebuilders can focus on to adapt to any housing market.

1. Document Every Step with a CRM

When walk-in traffic slows and the lead count declines, you don’t want to be scrambling to catch up. Be prepared and enter every prospect into your CRM:
  • Record each call
  • Correctly rate them
  • Take thorough notes
  • Set a follow-up date
Prospects will ignore you in the slower months (or won’t remember you) when they answer the phone if you don’t remain in touch with them during the busy months. A database’s lack of ‘attention to detail’ will be the leading cause of difficult prospecting during slow months.

2. Treat your current leads like Gold.

Sales Qualified Leads are very valuable, and make sure to treat them as such.  Sending random e-mails doesn’t count either.  Also, follow-up with an email after checking in with your prospect/lead and take good notes in your CRM or database.  Your future self will thank you for logging them properly in step one. 
To be clear: Email marketing is not a proper follow-up.
Sending personalized follow-up communications, such as a direct message from an admin at your company, phone calls from your team, or a free resource to help a prospect is necessary.
Create a strategy for proper communication intervals to people who have reached out—ideally, crafting a communication funnel for every point of contact.
Call and email each prospect who hasn’t made a purchase or scheduled an appointment monthly. The average time it takes Millennials and Baby Boomers to look for a new house is three months to six months. If you stop following up after 30 days, you miss opportunities.

3. Establish reasonable goals for lead conversion.

Prospecting and working with “aged leads” need three times as much outreach to achieve the same outcome. You’re not going to have a high conversion rate with these leads, and it can be easy to give up after receiving numerous voicemails or “leave me alone” requests.
Establish conversion goals that you can truly meet and try to have fun. We can be sure of one thing: the market will rebound, and this is an excellent opportunity to get organized and have realistic expectations.