The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) stated that an additional 64,716 H-2B temporary non-agricultural worker visas will be made available for the fiscal year 2023, which began in October. This is in addition to the typical 66,000 H-2B visas that are typically available each year.
Construction or trade company owners can use H-2B visas to temporarily recruit foreign employees who come to the United States to provide non-agricultural services or labor, such as construction work, on a one-time, seasonal, peak-load, or intermittent basis.
The H-2B supplementary visa program contains a 20,000 visa allocation for workers from Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Returning workers who received an H-2B visa or were otherwise awarded H-2B status during one of the previous three fiscal years will be eligible for the remaining 44,716 additional visas.
The remaining supplemental visas for returning workers will be allocated between the first and second halves of the fiscal year to account for the need for additional seasonal workers throughout the year, with a portion of the second half allocation reserved to meet the demand for workers during the peak summer season.
The temporary final rule and the DHS Cap Count for H-2B Nonimmigrants homepage will include more information on eligibility and filing requirements.