Building Brand Identity From The Ground Up [Part 2]

Despite the current housing shortage and high demand, competition exists in all aspects of the construction industry, regardless of location.
This multi-part series will introduce the first four building blocks to develop a successful construction brand name identity. Read Part 1.

6. Color Selection Is Important

Color selection is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your company’s brand identity, from the logo down. Colors can influence how customers perceive your brand and appeal to and motivate your target audience to seek out your company.
That’s a tall order for color selection, but it’s consistently a critical factor in the effectiveness of brand identity. While you are not required to create a brand identity centered on the most popular colors, you should consider them and understand why they are commonly used when making your decision.
For Example: 
Black is perceived as powerful, no-nonsense, sleek, and straightforward. Blue is associated with being trustworthy, reliable, and calm—all desirable qualities in the construction industry.

7. Develop a Local Focus

Location, location, location is critical for housing, and it is also critical for a construction company.
Unlike many other industries, construction is local and performed by real people. Therefore, a local appeal should be emphasized when establishing a company’s brand identity.
Consider including your hometown in your company name or tagline, or mention it in other branded materials and advertising. Many businesses also encourage their customers to “Hire local” or “Contact your local company.” It makes sense to foster a strong sense of community for a brand identity that will thrive on community loyalty.

8. Emphasize Your Company’s Specialty

A construction company can specialize in an infinite number of areas. Is your company primarily involved in the construction of new homes? Existing home renovations or additions? Small-scale commercial development? A trade like framing or HVAC?
Focusing on the brand’s specialty is critical to developing an effective identity that makes and keeps accurate, deliverable promises to your audience. In your marketing materials and company website, emphasize the specialty.