Building Brand Identity From The Ground Up [Part 1]

While producing a brand identity isn’t the easiest thing on the planet, it is definitely among one of the most critical factors in identifying the success of a construction or trade company.
This multi-part series will introduce the first four building blocks to develop a successful construction brand name identity.

 1. Building An Authentic Brand

With any construction company, it’s essential to isolate the motivating factors that create your brand and define your audience. Identify your ideal clients, the promises you will make, and your commitment to follow through.
An essential first step in designing a fantastic brand identity is analyzing the brands goals and motivation. For example, what is the mission statement? Who is the audience? What is the end goal for the brand as a whole?
Taking the time to make sure these factors are written down and clearly understood is like laying the foundation for a building: It’s impossible to build a brand identity without having these questions answered and goals established.

 2. Study Your Peers

There’s a lot of competition in construction, especially in 2022. Even though good construction companies are always in demand, it’s important not to rely on that demand and forgo researching your competition.
It isn’t just a matter of realizing which other companies may be offering. You also want to avoid looking too much like another company. Parody is common and can subvert your attempts to create a brand identity that truly stands out.
Compile facts about your local competition, including their specialty, experience, audience, and visual branding elements, such as the colors, fonts, and graphics they use in their branding. It’s essential to know these elements to avoid using them in your branding.

 3. Choose Your Company Name Carefully

What’s in a name? If you don’t choose the name for your business carefully, your audience may have trouble remembering your company—or may avoid it entirely! People tend to like simple, straightforward names, especially for construction companies. Business names that are too convoluted, difficult to pronounce or spell, or that don’t accurately reflect the focus of a business can result in loss of potential clients.
Using your name for your construction business is an excellent way to put a face to the company and reflect your dedication to the business. Choosing a name that highlights your business’s focus or reflects a positive quality embodied by your brand are other options. Words such as “reliable” and “trustworthy” are good examples.

 4. Create A Solution-Focused Tagline

 If you select not to utilize a “top quality” word in your service name, think about including one in the tagline– a short quip attached to your company name/logo that personifies the qualities of your company. 
Slogans aren’t in common usage in all industries. However, they’re an excellent chance for a construction business to advertise its brand name identity and take advantage of its branding in its entirety.