Dealing With Material Shortages & Price Increases

Supply chain restrictions and material/labor shortages have added an element of delay that requires contractors to navigate these issues to minimize impact on the current project duration and budget.  While there is no blanket road map for negotiating resolution of these or similar unforeseen impacts, by implementing best practices of construction management, contractors and project managers can put themselves and their work in better position to mitigate the effects and achieve more successful results. 

Construction Equipment TCO Overview

As the owner of a construction or trade company, you’re keenly aware of every cent you spend. Cost is likely on your mind often, especially when it appears that you’re spending more money than you should. While it’s essential that you invest in the correct tools and equipment to get the job done efficiently, it’s also important to weigh the effectiveness of every purchase against the amount of money you’re spending.

Embracing Accountability

In a previous article on fostering trust and managing conflict, we referenced the popular business fable, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, which describes five common obstacles (dysfunctions) that prevent teams from executing at their best. Let’s explore dysfunction #4 and the most dangerous of the five: avoidance of accountability.

6 Ways to Generate Revenue During the Construction Slow Season

During the cold winter months, construction jobs are often few and far between. This can be especially true if you live in the northern part of the country where the snow and ice storms can make it impossible to even get to the job site. The holiday season also often slows down the number of jobs and the availability of your crew. Add to this that your clients whose fiscal year follows the calendar year and you have the makings of a very slow season for your business.

Mitigating The Construction Labor Shortage Crisis

A recent survey by the NAHB revealed that 69% of its members were experiencing delays in completing projects on time due to a shortage of qualified workers, while other jobs were lost altogether. And the problem isn’t going away anytime soon. In this SBGP Exclusive Strategy-Paper we will explore seven strategies that can help your construction or trade company mitigate the construction labor shortage crisis we are all dealing with right now.  

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Drafting Your 2022 Strategic Plan (A Guide)

What’s the goal of any business? To make money—and we all know the phrase “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” This concept is very familiar, but to be a profitable business you will need a sound strategic approach.
While this is true for all businesses, the construction industry has a slightly different view. In building/construction, the workers and leaders are on nearly equal playing grounds, regarding how they impact the business.

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