Homeownership Rate Remains Stable in Q1

The U.S. homeownership rate remained unchanged from the previous quarter at 65.4% in the first quarter of 2022, while the homeowner vacancy rate decreased to a record low, according to the Census Bureau’s Housing Vacancy Survey. According to the NAHB, recent entries in the survey no longer include COVID-induced data collection restrictions, and, in the short-term, some year-over-year comparisons will be skewed.

5 Ways To Streamline Construction Processes

Construction and Trade Companies haven’t been quick to adopt new technologies for enhancing management processes. Hesitancy to move away from paper-based workflow processes means losing out on more business by not optimizing operations and transitioning to digital workflows. In this SBGP Exclusive Infographic we will explore why it is essential for your Construction or Trade Company to leverage digital technologies, fast-track routine tasks, and streamline business processes.

Financial-Focused Construction Performance Benchmarking

Are you ready to grow your business and take on more jobs & clients? Are you financially where you believe you should be? Are your company’s finances balanced at all? Don’t get overwhelmed –financial performance benchmarking can help you answer all of these questions. Essentially, benchmarking is the process of comparing a business’s current financial performance with its past performance, industry standards, and the processes, operations, and financial state of other top performers in the industry.

Discovering Your Ideal Successor

Do you know who will take over your construction company when you retire? If not, it’s time to begin thinking about your company’s succession plan. This plan is more than a vague idea of who will take over when you’re ready to step down—it’s a plan that ensures your company can continue without interruption if you or any of your top managers were to unexpectedly leave the business or have to take an extended leave of absence.