Critical Strategies To Manage Cost Increase

2021 has brought many surprises to the housing market which directly effects your bottom line. In the last few weeks we have documented the dramatic increase in lumber prices along with the historical lot shortage but how exactly can you manage this? In this SBGP Exclusive Infographic we will go over critical strategies required to continue building, profitably.

What does it mean to have a leader mindset?

In their recent book, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager”, authors Scott Miller, Todd Davis and Victoria Roos Olsson suggest that part of your job as a leader is to routinely assess your paradigms (or mindsets) for accuracy. Mindsets about our team or ourselves as leaders that do not reflect reality can limit how we perform and the extent to which we empower our teams.  

7 Strategies for Effective Construction Email Marketing

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to communicate with and reach out to potential customers. In comparison, people can be skeptics of email but those who utilize it as a marketing tool know its potential.
However, there is a vast difference between running an email marketing campaign professionally and clogging up inboxes with junk emails. A poorly run campaign will fail to produce conversions and  could reversely annoy and drive people away.
With competitive surges in the construction industry making companies hunt for opportunities to stand out, a professional email marketing campaign would be a superb differentiator. Sound slightly irrelevant? Unsure of how to begin the process?
Below, we have provided seven essential email tips that will jump-start your communicative marketing journey and prove that professional emailing is a vital resource to the construction industry.