Leaders Who Plan To Win

A clearly defined vision or destination does several important things on teams and for us as individuals and yet too often is something overlooked by the leader. When you open the map application on your mobile phone, what is the first piece of information it asks of you? Where would you like to go? What is your destination? Without that, the route selected doesn’t matter. It’s the difference between driving around aimlessly and deliberately driving toward a specific point for a reason. 

Construction Website Traffic Keys

Finding success on the internet is hard. You might feel like your small business is invisible on the world wide web—the numbers you’re bringing in just aren’t what you had hoped they would be. Luckily, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference, without costing you a penny. We’ve collected 6 simple ways to bring more traffic to your small business’s website.

Construction Productivity Strategies During Labor Shortage

Maximizing productivity on a jobsite means working efficiently to control costs and stay on schedule. With the current construction worker shortage nearing pandemic levels, productivity on the jobsite is more important than ever. Projects that are completed under budget and ahead of schedule usually result in higher profit margins which is why construction firms are always looking to improve productivity.

Construction Social Media 101

Say what you will about construction professionals, but they’ve understood very well that to promote and take their businesses to the next level, they need to increase their online marketing efforts. In an era where traditional advertising methods are losing their power, it’s paramount to keep pace and take one’s brand where the attention is. Social media has now become one of the preferred methods that consumers use to research, engage, and communicate with the companies that might help them solve their problems. And, that’s what your construction company needs to do too.

Why Leaders Need To Create Clarity

The FranklinCovey group calls it “Clarify Purpose”. Microsoft labels it as “Create Clarity”. In one of the most watched TED Talks of all time, leadership thought leader and speaker, Simon Sinek, stresses that the best leaders Start with Why”. Regardless of the exact wording, the leadership principle rings true across a multitude of platforms – direction. Teams benefit from, thrive on and crave direction from their leaders. 

Your Construction Company Needs Social Media

Does your company need social media? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes for many reasons. We’re not going to be able to cover all of the reasons your company needs social media in this post. However, we can and will go over four of the most important reasons your company needs social media. While this article focuses on construction marketing, the tips will be useful for any industry.