6 Keys To Become A Successful Construction Contractor

When you know a trade extremely well and have made a name for yourself, the next logical step is to take matters into your hands and launch your business. That’s easier said than done. Here are some of the steps savvy contractors take to turn their small business into a success.

Leadership Practice of Reflection

In The Art of Exceptional Living”, speaker and author Jim Rohn emphasizes the value of a key leadership habit: reflection. He states that high achievers routinely reserve time to take stock of what happened. It may be a few minutes at the end of the day or week, a few hours at the end of the month or quarter, and/or a day or two at the end of the year. Whatever the discipline, the impact is the same – clarity. Clarity comes from celebrating the wins, identifying important lessons learned and recalibrating priorities as needed. 

3 Warning Signs Your Small Business Needs Operational Help

In 2021’s overly competitive business environment, innovation is what keeps a company ahead of the competition. But, having an ingenious idea for a product or service isn’t enough if you don’t have the proper infrastructure to support it.
However, at the pace everything is going today, you may need to evaluate and improve your operations more often and adjust your strategy accordingly.
Read on to find out if your business is in need of operational help.

8 Ways Contractors Can Improve their Hiring Process

Here’s the problem: the construction industry is growing at a fast pace and in 2021 good workers are even harder to find. The abundant job prospects, high income, and opportunities for advancement attract more and more people. In a rush to expand their small business, builders too often race through the hiring process, frequently ending up with employees who can’t fulfill their responsibilities as they should.

Critical Strategies To Manage Cost Increase

2021 has brought many surprises to the housing market which directly effects your bottom line. In the last few weeks we have documented the dramatic increase in lumber prices along with the historical lot shortage but how exactly can you manage this? In this SBGP Exclusive Infographic we will go over critical strategies required to continue building, profitably.

What does it mean to have a leader mindset?

In their recent book, Everyone Deserves a Great Manager”, authors Scott Miller, Todd Davis and Victoria Roos Olsson suggest that part of your job as a leader is to routinely assess your paradigms (or mindsets) for accuracy. Mindsets about our team or ourselves as leaders that do not reflect reality can limit how we perform and the extent to which we empower our teams.