Any builder who has sold and closed more than two homes will tell you that every home buyer’s experience is unique. As much as we would like to build systems and processes that guarantee a smooth experience 100% of the time, it never seems to happen.
Builders deal with home purchasers who are losing patience and have limited tolerance for faults in today’s market. Place an already jaded buyer in a challenging market, then add the usual mistakes, delays, and misguided expectations. The overall result could be more appealing.
The challenge for builders is to foster an organizational culture in which community teams (composed of all customer-facing employees) can consistently provide service that predicts concerns, rapidly resolves them and delights the buyer.
Top builders create core concepts to exceed buyer expectations:
  • Only make promises you are confident you can keep. 
  • Excel at proactive communication and regularly update clients without being asked.
  • When possible, discover ways to say “yes” to consumer requests. Every “no” has a cost. Is the price truly worth it?
  • Be concerned with how customers feel about their experiences. Although the procedures and processes may be effective, causing concern in the buyer defeats the aim of customer care.
  • Client service permeates the business culture and is not a program for the company’s highest levels of leadership.
These behaviors constitute a repository of best practices, such as how to make minor details stand out in the buyer’s mind.