Addressing Labor Shortages By Investing In Trade Partners

Hiring and retaining talent is a widespread challenge in the construction industry. What some have called the “Great Resignation” has had a much stronger impact on construction and the trades due to high levels of demand, primarily housing during the pandemic.

Although the resolution to our trade shortage won’t be found overnight, by investing in trade partners, builders can reduce it’s impact.
To survive and grow their business, builders and their suppliers must work together. Although this is becoming even more difficult in today’s market,  we will explore three strategies to continue to build your base of committed trade partners.
1. Increase communication and collaboration
Trades that become part of your contract and are no longer independent. They are responsible for performing their key role in the homebuilding process and providing your standards for customer service. Therefore, treating the trades as teammates and stressing the inter-dependence between both groups is essential to everyone’s success. Building trust and mutual respect among members of the team is key to building morale.
To foster motivation and positive work, you must put yourself in the shoes of a trade or supplier. Set high standards and create a culture that is free from blame. It is important to communicate with tradespeople from time to time in order to identify what motivates them and make changes to improve the working environment.
Transparency and teamwork, through the creation of roles and responsibilities, can transform relationships between trades into partnerships that will last. While construction meetings can foster a team element, it is important to keep them concise and focused on the issues so that everyone has the best use of their time.
2. Automate Repeatable Functions for Streamlining Operations
Businesses can automate routine, day-today tasks using technology, which allows them to work on the business instead of in the business. This reduces administrative time and helps to get more work done in the field. Redeeming your BPA with Small Business Growth Partners is a critical step in accomplishing this.
The use of contractor management tools can streamline ordering, consolidate scheduling, and manage job payments and documentation. These and other value-add options will give your trade partners the opportunity to succeed and grow right away.
3. Prioritize training for trades
Trades may be experts in their field of work, but they may not have an overall understanding of the business and the technology that supports it. Trade partners should be able to access the technology and business resources they need to improve their understanding. This shows that you care about their growth and well-being.
You can streamline your trades’ processes by taking the time to make sure they are properly trained and understand the system used in the company.
As the skilled trades continue to be in short supply, builders will see a continuing labor shortage. These adjustments can help builders improve their relationships with their trades, and reduce the stress associated with labor shortages.