Infographic: 6 Reasons a Sales Process is Important for Your Small Business

When running Small Business, creating a Sales Process is an essential document for growth. Communication and organization are required when expanding any Small Business and the steps taken from first contact to the final sale must be documented. A Sales Process provides value to your internal team as well as your clients, find out more details in this infographic. Read more “Infographic: 6 Reasons a Sales Process is Important for Your Small Business”

5 Reasons a Financial Dashboard is Important to your Small Business

Whatever industry you work in, understanding the financial aspect of your small business can be quite overwhelming. You may get regular reports on what the company is doing; however, it may not be something you can easily understand. This is precisely where financial dashboards come in and why they are so critical to the success of your company.

It is vital as a part of any business that you thoroughly understand what your financial numbers mean. You also need to be able to leverage that knowledge to improve your success further. Discover why financial dashboards are so essential and how to get yours started. Read more “5 Reasons a Financial Dashboard is Important to your Small Business”

Understanding the Keys to an Accurate Bidding Process

When it comes to construction and trade businesses (plumbers, HVAC Contractors, Electrical Contractors, etc.), accurately estimating and bidding potential jobs is the most crucial and fundamental aspect of a successful project. Remember, there is a difference between general estimates and firm bids. An estimate is an approximation to give clients an idea of what to expect. A quote, or bid, is a fixed dollar value based on a specific time frame.

There are several components of the bidding process that need to be understood and properly executed to complete a job that is both fair and lucrative. Here are some key points to keep in mind. Read more “Understanding the Keys to an Accurate Bidding Process”

5 Ways to Get the Most From Tradeshows

Whether you’re a small business, big business, or a startup entrepreneur, attending tradeshows is inevitable if you want to get yourself out there and grow your business. Tradeshows are possibly the best investment you can make, and today we’ll discuss five tips for getting the most from tradeshows you attend.
Read more “5 Ways to Get the Most From Tradeshows”