[Infographic] The War For Talent: How Construction Companies Can Improve Their Recruiting and Retention Process

These strategies will help construction companies overcome the worker shortage crisis, take on new projects, and ultimately increase profitability. 


With the goal of cultivating employee excellence, many construction companies have forgotten the importance of worker satisfaction, health, and retention. The strategies above can help employers, in the midst of a worker shortage, attract prospects, enhance performance, and better workplace outcomes.



6 Ingenious Ideas to Attract Customers and Grow Your Landscaping Business

If you’ve always had a hard time promoting your landscaping company, this could mean that you’ve been looking in the wrong place. Sure, companies selling services always have had to double their efforts to get new clients, but why do some thrive while others miserably fail?

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[Infographic] 6 Helpful Hints For First Time Contractors And Construction Businesses

In this infographic, we will highlight the critical tips and tricks to ease your journey’s beginning and help you ultimately create a successful, professional business. 


While these tips were built to clarify, inspire, and improve your small business efforts, deeper components, related to both business and construction, are also available at your fingertips. Groups such as Small Business Growth Partners share the tools, mentorship programs, and experiences necessary to help broaden the knowledge base and successes of new contractors and start-up pursuers everywhere. 



7 Ways to Turn Social Media Into A Lead Generating Machine

Social media today is one of the best tools for creating brand awareness and connecting with prospects. However, when it comes to generating leads and sales, other channels can be better suited for these goals, such as email marketing or pay-per-click advertising. After all, people don’t buy products after seeing a Facebook post, right? Well, not necessarily. If done correctly, social media can do more than just allow you to reach out to and engage with an audience. It can also help you generate leads and speed up your growth. According to recent reports, businesses that use social media for lead generation can see as much as a 24% increase in revenue.

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[Infographic] The Secret to Maintaining Positive Cash Flow In Construction

There are many facets associated with running a building business. Of course, you need to track your costs, materials, expenses, and avoid shortages.

In order to keep finances in line, it is important to maintain a positive cash flow. When your business has a positive cash flow, it is running smoothly. Use these 9 tips to find out how.

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7 Reasons Why Small Construction Companies Fail

Perhaps the biggest mystery in entrepreneurship is why some of the businesses that seem to do everything right still fail.

In the construction industry, the prospects are even grimmer than in others. Although the market has made an impressive recovery since the 2008 financial crisis, most companies still find it difficult to appropriately scale and succeed. In fact, reports show that only 47% are still operating after four years.

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