Construction Website Traffic Keys

Finding success on the internet is hard. You might feel like your small business is invisible on the world wide web—the numbers you’re bringing in just aren’t what you had hoped they would be. Luckily, the smallest changes can make the biggest difference, without costing you a penny. We’ve collected 6 simple ways to bring more traffic to your small business’s website.

Ensure your website is responsive
Is your website mobile friendly? If not, your website traffic is taking a huge hit that you can easily fix. Mobile use has surpassed desktop use, and as a result, Google favors the sites that are mobile. If yours isn’t compatible, it will be pushed way down the list. Don’t worry—many sites can be easily adapted for mobile without an entire overhaul, especially with mainstream site builders like Squarespace and WordPress. Once you have your website up and running on mobile, you’ll be a lot more accessible to a much wider audience.
Use landing pages
Landing pages are specifically created for special deals you’re offering, like discount codes or free trials or downloadable guides. These pages are action incentives, using just enough details to motivate visitors to take the next step. Plus, you have the ability to make landing pages very specific, so you can target your messages to the right audiences. This can further drive up the traffic to your site.
Understand how SEO impacts your traffic
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the key to making sure your site is actually visible to those using search engines. Say a person Googles a problem your company knows how to fix, or searches for a product you offer. Having a website somewhere off hiding in the internet isn’t enough in situations like these; you need to be sure your company is one of the top results on search engines.
The best place to start is by including notable keywords in your headlines and content—things you’re confident people will be searching. Your page titles, headings, content, descriptions, and keywords should all match for the best results.
SEO is a continuous process; you can’t just plug in a bunch of searchable words when you first make a website and watch the site visitors come flocking. You have to keep up to date with what your competitors are doing, what your customers are wanting, and what is no longer working. Put out fresh content regularly to stay relevant and help it rank high.
Expand your site’s mission
There are plenty of things you can add to your website to bring in more people. One of the easiest options to start with is a business blog. Blogs are one of the most effective ways to increase engagement and bring in traffic that might not have landed on your site otherwise. You can take a blog in any direction you want, as long as the content remains engaging and entertaining. Discuss products, chat about things happening in the industry or your own business, answer relevant questions, provide solutions or guides to some common problem or experience, or get creative with a fun listicle. You can even have guests on your blog for a special interview or a post of their own, writing on whatever topic the people want to hear from them.
Complete your Google My Business Listing
Going back to search engines, make sure Google has all the information it needs to direct people to your website. My Business is free to use and can help increase your website traffic dramatically. Optimizing your listing by having a complete profile will make Google more likely to suggest your site—because they have more information on why someone would be interested in you!
Reach out to other sites
You don’t have to stay in your own domain. By linking up with other websites in your industry, both of your businesses have something to gain. Guest blog on someone else’s website to get your name out there and demonstrate your expertise. Use backlinks on other sites or influencer accounts. Collaborate on social media platforms. Take interviews. Don’t isolate yourself from your own community; network and build bonds with those around you, and watch both of your businesses grow.
Starting a website for your company might feel like a shot in the dark at first. Low clickthrough numbers can be discouraging, and you might be wondering where you should go from here. Luckily, a few little changes and improvements can make a world of difference. Learning about SEO, expanding your website from what you initially intended, or updating it to be mobile friendly can help bring your site into the spotlight.